Ciera Rogers, originally from Houston and now based in Los Angeles, is the creative force and founder of Babes. Established in 2012, Babes quickly became renowned for empowering curvy women. With just $100, Ciera launched Babes, transforming her vision into a thriving multi-million dollar enterprise. She champions self-confidence and encourages women to embrace their curves, celebrating their unique individuality. Babes has been worn by Lizzo and Kim Kardashian and is championed by Beyoncé.

Embrace What Sets You Apart

I firmly believe that embracing your individuality and unique qualities can pave the path to success. Each of us possesses a distinct set of abilities that can empower us to excel in our journey through life.

In her bold memoir, Ciera recounts life-changing experiences—from being kidnapped by her father to hustling in strip clubs and living in her mom’s Jeep. She reveals how these challenges fueled her unconventional path to success, starting with selling her first outfit on Instagram, reaching seven figures, and eventually buying a home.